scientifically proven method with 78% succes rate

With The Sinclair Method also you will be able to decide whether you drink a glass now and then or stop completely. A scientifically proven method against alcohol addiction with 78% success rate.

what is the Sinclair method - TSM

The Sinclair Method is a method of curing alcohol addiction by using the opiate antagonist Naltrexone or Nalmefeen combined with drinking alcohol. You crave less and less alcohol while the enjoyment of a glass of drink persists. It seems as if you are slowly regaining the brake. The Sinclair Method gives a lot of confidence because you can fall back on something. It is a kind of de-learning process of the brain and over time you will be able to choose to stop after one glass, a second or a third, or stop altogether. Read more…….. Reed more……..


I would like to emphasize again that alcohol can have very serious consequences for our health. Because alcohol is absorbed through our mucous membrane in the mouth, esophagus and our blood, it has a direct effect on our entire body, brain and immune system. The Sinclair Method is a method to eliminate cravings that come from the brain. That’s great, of course, but it doesn’t affect your view or relationship to alcohol.

your relationship with alcohol

The Sinclair Method immediately offers a good opportunity to work on yourself and your relationship to alcohol. This Method is great because you have less and less cravings for booze and over time you can decide for yourself whether or not to drink. It cannot be the intention to leave the decision to the pill Naltrexone because then you still have no control. If the method works, you  finally will be in charge again. If you don’t want to drink then you just don’t drink. From now on you’ll start drinking because you want to drink and not because you have to. That’s the big difference!

why do you drink alcohol?

Has it become a habit? Do you want to numb yourself so that you can escape reality, the past or the uncertain future? You are poisoning yourself, your body and mind with every glass of alcohol, you know that. Do you really only belong if you also drink alcohol? Are you interested in The Sinclair Method because you want to belong? Are you interested to regain control of your drinking, or do you want to do The Sinclair Method to stop forever and have that little pill on hand so that you never have to worry about a relapse again? Whatever your goal is, I’m happy to help!


free at last

Free at last is one of the most common reactions of people who have mastered their alcohol addiction thanks to The Sinclair Method.

A freedom with regard to drinking and alcohol that is self-evident for most people without alcohol problems. Thanks to The Sinclair Method you get back that free feeling that you have missed for so long. Finally, like most other people, you can now decide for yourself whether you drink or not and how much you drink. Finally, you are no longer busy with alcohol and drinks 24/7 and you can just walk into the drink line in the supermarket.

never fear again

Never fear again is a second common reaction. No more fear of going wrong and relapsing. No more going back to that very difficult, lonely journey. No longer afraid of being looked down on as if you have a contagious disease or are less than someone else.


With a 78% success rate, there is a good chance that The Sinclair Method is also something for you. At this 78% there is about 10% who do not comply with the conditions of 1-2 hours, so the percentage is even higher. Whether it is the first time that you want to do something about your alcohol addiction or have already tried almost everything. With screening via a video call, we can quickly determine whether The Sinclair Method could be something for you.

4 steps plan

To start with The Sinclair Method and tackle your alcohol addiction, there are 4 steps to take.
1. Introductory meeting so that you know what you are getting into and also if want to be guided by me.
2. The screening, where we can quickly determine whether The Sinclair Method could be something for you.
3. The prescription and intake schedule.
4. Start with therapy.
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I have been helping people with their alcohol addiction for years and now for about 4 years also intensively with The Sinclair Method. Dutch, Portuguese and English speaking people all over the world and we all find the results astonishing. People of all origins. Some have spent years on their own, others thought they had found salvation with the AA. Still others have attended the most expensive rehab clinics in the world. Unfortunately, they were all back to square one at some point. The Sinclair Method was a new and for some a very last chance for them and has changed their lives for the better. Read some experiences and success stories below!

Applying The Sinclair Method also offers a unique opportunity to review your life and to know what you no longer want and what you do. The better your self-knowledge and self-acceptance, the more life will smile at you again.

alcohol addiction succes story

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veel voorkomende vragen over alcoholverslaving

  1. Wat is een alcoholverslaving?
    Een alcoholverslaving kenmerkt zich door een niet te stillen behoefte aan alcohol waarbij men de controle verliest. Men kan dus niet of nauwelijks zelfstandig stoppen. Het ‘willen’ drinken verandert in ‘moeten’ drinken.
  2. Heb ik een alcoholverslaving?
    – Meestal weet je zelf wel dat je een alcoholprobleem hebt maar heb je het nog niet geaccepteerd.
    – In jou ogen heb je een probleem, maar als je om je heen kijkt dat iedereen in jouw omgeving en zijn er mensen die zelfs meer drinken dan jij.
    – Het feit dat je dit leest kan ook al een teken zijn je een alcoholprobleem hebt.
    – Het is moeilijk om toe te geven en een goed idee om hier serieus over te praten en er iets aan te doen. Bel me op tel. 0634341599
  3. Wat zijn de symptomen van alcoholverslaving?
    – Je drinkt terwijl je niet van plan was te drinken.
    – Je drinkt meer dan je van plan was te drinken.
    – Je denkt vaak aan drinken.
    – Je verheugt je overdag al verschillende malen op het eerste glaasje om vijf uur.
    – Je drinkt steeds sneller. Als je om je heen kijkt is jouw glas vaak eerder leeg as dat van een ander.
    – Je gebruikt alcohol om je stemming te verbeteren.
    – Je kan steeds beter tegen alcohol.
  4. Waneer drink je te veel alcohol?
    Volgens de wetenschap beperk je de nadelige gevolgen voor je gezondheid als je niet meer dan 1 glas per dag drinkt. Aanbevolen wordt minimaal 2 dagen per week geen alcohol te drinken.