To deal with your alcohol addiction and your drinking problem with The Sinclair Method you have to drink in combination with the medicine Naltrexone otherwise it will not work. Take one small pill 1 hour before your first glass of alcohol. Naltrexone is a non-addictive drugs that blocks the opiate receptors. Because the endorphins are stimulated less and less, the craving in the brain will decrease. 

actress Claudia christian

Claudia Christian, a world-famous Hollywood actress, has (re) discovered the method thanks to her own alcohol problem. The Sinclair Method has healed her and she has made it her life’s mission to make The Sinclair Method known and accepted worldwide. maken. Watch the video of her presentation on TEDx here below. 

Why not on a larger scale?

It remains difficult to understand why relatively few doctors, therapists and addiction experts recommend The Sinclair Method. It is believed to have to do with the multibillion-dollar industry sustained by addiction treatment. Another reason, it is believed, is the influence of the 12-Step ideology.

In addition, addiction care already worked with Naltrexone as a remedy for alcohol addiction, but with a different application. One had to take Naltrexone every day, even on days when one is not drinking. With the Sinclair Method you have to drink with the medicine and if you are not drinking, you do not take it. A completely different approach.

The Sinclair Method is a success in Scandinavian countries and especially Finland. Probably because Dr. Sinclair did some of his research there. Fortunately, The Sinclair Method is gaining in popularity and even falls within the National Health Service in the UK!

trailer one little pill

Watch the trailer for the documentary One Little Pill here. The film takes a closer look at the simple, safe Sinclair Method with success rates of 78%, the oppressive obstacles that surround it and the people who are only now discovering it. This character-driven movie helps spread the word “Options Save Lives”. 

”A stunning exposition of the current social force that slows down or even impedes all innovative progress in medicine. Beautifully produced documentary.’

~ Tom Neff, founder of Documentary Channel

Dr. John David Sinclair, Ph.D

The method was developed by Dr. John David Sinclair, Researcher Emeritus who started his research in the 1960s. He identified what he called the ‘alcohol deprivation effect’ as a driving force behind alcohol addiction and concluded from various experiments that alcoholism is a learned behavior. Some people have genetic traits that make them feel more ‘strengthened’ from consuming alcohol than others, ultimately leading to uncontrollable cravings.


It seems like a panacea and it actually is, but you have to give it time and still really want it. You have to do it for yourself and for no one else. The addiction did not develop overnight. For some, The Sinclair Method already works after a few weeks, for others it can take a few months to sometimes even a year before it works. It also depends on your drinking history.


It sounds scary, but if you want to keep drinking in a controlled manner, you should take a pill 1 hour before that first glass for the rest of your life. You will see that this will not be a problem and there will be days and even weeks when you do not crave for a glass at all. If you stop drinking completely, you don’t take a pill, except maybe the one time you still want to drink a glass.

wherever you like

You do not have to go to an expensive rehab clinic, you can do it at home while you work or during your holiday with people you like to be with.


Nobody needs to know about it, but of course you can also share it because the more people hear about The Sinclair Method, the better. How easy it can be to start tackling your addiction NOW.

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