4 step plan

There are 4 steps to take to tackle your alcohol addiction with the Sinclair Method. 1. Introduction Talk, 2. Screening, 3. Prescription, 4. Starting therapy. In addition, we agree on one thing. You are honest about the amount you drank and drink before we start and also during therapy. Otherwise it makes no sense and you have less chance that it will work for you. After our first contact you can quickly start!

step 1. Introduction Talk

You have contacted me by phone or email and together we have scheduled this first free introductory meeting. During this conversation, preferably via video calling, you can ask me anything about The Sinclair Method and the experience I have with it. You tell me about yourself and your drinking problem. We will elaborate on this if you like to go on to the screening. If it feels good and you want to be guided by me, we will immediately make a follow-up appointment for the screening or we will do the screening immediately via tele-counseling (video call).

step 2. screening

Screening only via tele-counseling (video call). This is not possible by telephone. I need to see you to help you the best I can. On the basis of this conversation I can quickly determine whether The Sinclair Method could be something for you. This screening includes a personal letter for your doctor explaining The Sinclair Method and the application for the prescription of the drug Naltrexone.

During this conversation we also discuss your:
Goal: Do you want to drink less and gain control over your drinking habit or stop completely?
Alcohol history: How much did you drink and do you drink at the moment? How often? Your experiences with quitting. What have you already tried?
Psychiatric history: Have you had or are you still suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Sleep problems?
Medical history: Are you or have you been seriously ill. Do you have a chronic illness? Do you take any medications and which ones?
Other addictions: Have you been or are you still addicted to anything other than alcohol?

step 3. prescription and intake

You make an appointment with your doctor and give or send him the letter explaining the Sinclair Method. In some cases, if the doctor does not cooperate, I can put you in touch with another doctor. In the meantime, I make a schedule based on your drinking habits and the amount you drink.

stap 4. start therapy

If you have the medication, we can agree on how you are going to start and I can follow you for the first 2 to 4 weeks. You can always email and call me. This way we know for sure that you are on the right track. This is really important in the beginning, don’t underestimate the therapy. After that, good communication remains important in order for The Sinclair Method to do its work as well as possible. Sometimes people want to give up too quickly because they think it won’t work for them and that’s a shame. Keep communicating, then you have the best chance. If you also want to work on yourself, we will make other agreements.

You have received a drink log that you will keep in the near future. This way you have an overview why and when you take that first glass. Also what changes during the application of The Sinclair Method. This will give you more insight into why you drink that first glass. You also get a drink-log table so that you can keep track of the progress in a chart.

drink-log en DRINK-LOG Chart

If you have decided to do The Sinclair Method then you will have received a drinking log from me that you can keep for the time to come. This way you have an overview why and when you take that first glass. Also what changes during the application of The Sinclair Method. You also get a day / week and a week / year chart (see above) so that you can see and keep track of the progress in a graphic chart.

how long does it take to work?

This is different for everyone. It is very dependent on your drinking history, your metabolism and your attitude. In addition, it makes a difference what your atitude is towards the method. Do you have the idea in advance that it is not working? Are you (too) obsessive about it? Some people already have less cravings for alcohol after a few days. For others it takes longer. It is a process and everybody reacts differently so you have to give it time.

Side effects

As with many medicines, you can also experience some mild side effects with The Sinclair Method. Talk to me about that, I have extensive experience with this. It is different for everyone and side effects are usually transient.

Who can not start immediately?

The people below must always ask permission from a doctor to use the medicine Naltrexone or Nalmefene.
* People addicted to narcotics. Narcotics do not work the same if Naltrexone or Nalmefene is present in the brain.
* People with severe liver damage.
* Pregnant women.