TSM-one-little-pillStick to the ‘Golden Rules’ from the start. We will talk about this in detail. We assume the drug Naltrexone that you will use in a targeted dose. People are now convinced that the 78% success rate, which is already very high, could even be 10% higher if people would fully be compliant to the ‘Golden Rules’.

  1. ALWAYS take the agreed-upon doses of Naltrexone one hour before drinking.
  3. Keep your drinking log and chart, especially the first time. There is much to be found in this that will help you to make sure that TSM succeeds best.
  4. ALWAYS have the pills within reach.
  5. Make sure you have something in your stomach, NEVER take the Naltrexone on an empty stomach.
  6. When in doubt, NEVER experiment with dose or time span. Stick to the agreements you have made with your alcohol addiction coach. Otherwise, always contact us first.
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others. You cannot compare your road to addiction with anyone, as well as your road to recovery. Everyone reacts differently.
  8. Be and stay positive and grateful that you found TSM. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work for you.
  9. If you’ve taken a pill and you don’t want to drink it afterwards, don’t do it. Don’t think this will interfere with the process. The only thing that interferes with the process is drinking without taking the pill.
  10. Does TSM work for you, but do you miss the numbing effect of alcohol, consider where you come from and why you started doing TSM.
  11. Have patience! Your addiction did not arise overnight either.


Be kind to yourself and treat yourself. Put yourself first for a while. This is your project, your process, your path. Listen to your heart and learn to trust your intuition again. If you are doing well, you will notice that everything will be different and your environment will also react differently.

  1. Learn to listen to the right voice that has been shouted over by that other voice for so long.
  2. If you’ve had a few drinks and you don’t want to drink anymore, don’t do it. Don’t think, “Oh I took the pill so I can just keep drinking.” Yes you can, but learn to listen to your own right voice and follow to it. Slowly regain your control, you are the boss!
  3. Don’t worry too much about the side effects, the most common side effects such as nausea, dizziness, sleeping problems or stomach problems usually disappear within a few days or weeks.
  4. If you are addicted to spirits like whiskey, vodka, gin etc. try switching to wine and beer to give TSM a better chance of success.
  5. Try to have an alcohol-free day every now and then, alcohol-free days promote the process.
  6. Try delaying a drinking moment for an hour or a few hours.
  7. In the time between you took the pill and drinking, do something fun instead of sitting around waiting.
  8. For many, drinking has also become a habit. On your alcohol-free days at the times when you used to have a drink, do something else that you like to do. Getting rid of a habit is difficult, but you can easily create another habit in its place.
  9. Be proud of yourself for tackling your alcohol addiction and celebrate the small results as big wins!